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It all started when...

I was a kid and would play with my fathers tools when he wasn't looking and attempt to fix things in the house, even if they weren't broken. Even when I was younger I loved watching "This Old house", "New Yankee Workshop" and "Home Again with Bob Vila". There was something nostalgic to me about building with your hands. My father was a Key Grip in the studios and worked on many popular Movies and TV shows in Los Angeles. I would love to come with him to the Studios at 5am and watch how they built sets and set up the cameras. I was not sure then what trade I wanted to be in, I just knew I wanted to be a craftsman and build with my hands- I wanted to be like my Dad. At 18 I went to work for my fathers friend who had a architectural design and faux finishing company. Day one of being in the trades I was working on celebrity and VIP estates in Beverly Hills, CA. Three years later I started working for a local cabinet shop as an apprentice and really found my passion- Finish Carpentry and Millwork. I fell in love with finish carpentry that first day, and I have been passionate about it since. I read books and magazines, scoured the internet, researched finish carpentry forums and became obsessed with "The Craft".  As years and years went on I had the blessing to work for some of the most high end finish carpentry companies in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Working in celebrity and high end estates to casinos and commercial projects, I was able to learn from some of the most seasoned craftsmen in the business. While I worked for others in my younger years I watched the designers and contractors closely, learning how they ran their business while knowing that one day I would become my own contractor. Finally after years of dreaming, planning and preparation I started Elite. My objective with each project I work on is to pour my passion into everything I build. My goal in this life is to "Build a Culture of Craftsmen" that inspire this trade as a whole for the better. Elite Carpentry is leading others by example and setting a new higher standard in this industry for quality and integrity.


"Some say that craftsmanship is a lost art in America. I intend to restore faith back into American Craftsmanship one job at a time with high quality work, good memories and experiences." 

Josh Briere- Elite Carpentry INC


Josh Briere

General Contractor and Designer

We are proud to be using dust collection for our clients.

The main benefit to using high end equipment with integrated dust collection (besides the accuracy) is the saw dust extraction is built right into the equipment.

All of our sanders and saws run off of HEPA vacuums that trap the sawdust at the source in a sealed bag. We also tent off the work area in finished homes and buildings with a plastic wall system which helps contain dust even more. We take your health and well-being seriously. 


How does this benefit our clients?



Saw dust and debris are cut down significantly which allows for a cleaner work environment for us, other trades and our clients. Saw dust created during operations gets collected into our HEPA vacuums, keeping your furniture, fixtures, heat and cooling system (such as air ducts and air vents), linens and cabinetry free of airborne micro debris. This creates a healthier environment for our clients and their families. 


Did you know that sawdust accumulated during sanding and sawing can embed itself in the material which is hard to remove and affects the finishing paint or stain process? Coming from a paint and finishing backround, we understand this more then most. Our projects have a greater finished end result for a lot of reasons, but dust collection is at the top of the list.

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Currently looking for an apprentices and journeyman carpenters who are detailed, professional, on-time and want to learn the art of carpentry. A positive attitude, a professional mindset and most importantly a passion for quality are a must. If you think you would be a fit for our company culture, fill out the form below.   


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