Common Questions and Answers



How can I contact you?

  • Feel free to contact Elite Carpentry by clicking the CONTACT US link in the upper right hand corner of the page. You may email, call or submit your message directly from there.

Are you licensed and Insured?

  • YES! We are licensed through the Nevada Contractors Board #0082809 with a full C-3 license. We carry a 2 million dollar General Liability Policy and Workman's Compensation Insurance.

Can I afford the project I have in mind? You seem like you would be expensive...

  • We get asked this question a lot. The truth is yes you can. Our pricing is in the middle compared to other legit licensed and insured contractors that PRODUCE QUALITY WORK. We do not want to be the cheapest contractor. We want our pricing to reflect the quality and service we provide to our clients.

Do you charge for designing?

  • Our design fees are only charged if they are requested or needed. We will draw up a 3D rendering of your space on the computer to scale. We find that drawing a 3D rendering and being able to actually walk the client through their space on the computer is very helpful because you get to really see what it will look like, vs a pencil and paper sketch that can sometimes be misleading. It takes hours, sometimes days or even weeks to design and layout a project. Our design fees are seperate from the job costs. You know how much everything is before we start anything.

How do you handle design changes and change orders?

  • Most of the time during a project, the design will change in a small or a big way. Sometimes it does not effect the cost of the job, therefore no cost is charged to you. If anything is changed, we will discuss as a team what we need to do and a written document will be submitted to you before anything is changed or added. There should never be surprises for additional costs at the end of a project. You will know exactly what the costs are prior to them being done always.  

Do you charge by the hour, lump sum, or base plus time and materials?

  • Every project and client is unique, so we will charge differently depending on the project or what the client is comfortable with. Most of the time we can estimate exactly what it will cost in labor and materials for a project. Some unique projects lack the the ability to estimate the exact costs, so we will suggest a "Cost Plus" contract to the client. A "Cost Plus" contract is a per hour rate plus the cost of materials used. Either way it has to be comfortable for the client and we accommodate both.

Will you be working on other projects at the same time as my job?

  • We typically do not leave a project to start another until that project is 100% finished and the client is 100% satisfied. Juggling multiple projects is not productive and usually contradicts work flow and overall job moral. We usually prefer to stay on a project until its completed.

Can I trust you?

  • "I understand that trust is something you earn. You have to trust your contractor. They work in your home or place of business, are around your family and valuables. You will have a relationship with your contractor before, during and sometimes after a project. I like to be open and candid about everything from the start. If I tell the truth, I do not have to remember anything I tell you. Yes you can trust in me, and I want to show you through my actions that you can." Josh Briere-Owner